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Yelp Reservations reaches more diners and saves you money

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92 million

Diners seated through Yelp Reservations in 2016


Yelp is the most frequently used review site for finding restaurants according to Nielsen1

save $800

Average monthly savings on cover fees for every 1000 online reservations2

1- Nielsen for Yelp, US consumer survey, 9/2016

2 – Assumes 750 reservations booked monthly with a $1 transaction fee and 250 reservations booked monthly with a $0.25 transaction fee

Stellar Front-of-House Management System

Keep track of your entire floor at-a-glance, so you’re always running at full capacity. Assign servers to tables, make sure guests are equally distributed, and give walk-in guests accurate wait time quotes.

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Over 4,000 Restaurants Now Accepting Reservations

No Cover Fees

No setup fees, no hidden fees and free customer support. Our theory is simple—when restaurants make more money, everyone wins. We even include an iPad as part of your subscription at no additional cost.

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Better Restaurant Booking System at a Lower Cost

When you combine the largest diner network with a restaurant friendly cost structure, it’s easy to see why Yelp Reservations is the best choice in online restaurant reservations management. Contact us to see how you can start saving money on table reservations today.

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