Catching up with the New Foodie Generation

To attract the next generation of foodie to your restaurant, it is important to know what Millennials and other diners are looking for when eating out. Let’s talk about a few trends in the restaurant business that guests will notice and that are good for your restaurant.

Make It a One-of-a-Kind Experience

Do you have a stand-out dish, one that represents your restaurant that customers cannot get enough of? Or a bar that looks like the Millennium Falcon? That is the kind of unique experience Millennials are after. Sure, guests snapping a photo of your unique dish is good for their Instagram feed (and your bottom line) but a specialty product or dish gives Millennials a reason to come and come back. They, like you, are not cookie-cutter.

Go Green

Almost half of all Millennials say that sustainability is a factor in their purchase decision.  [1] They want their business to be a force for good in the world. Are there ways you can make your restaurant more sustainable? Locally sourced and in-season ingredients are important, as are waste management and energy use. Staff can be trained to be passionate about sustainability, too.

Playing it by Ear Can Fill Seats

Millennials have earned a reputation for not planning ahead, preferring to book reservations an hour (or less) before they wish to be seated. On those nights when your book is already full (with Gen X and Boomers), Millennials might not be able to find a seat at the eleventh hour. ll is not lost for Gen Y if your reservation tool includes Yelp Nowait.  The ultimate procrastinator’s tech tool, Yelp Nowait not only lets customers get in line through the Yelp app and automatically notifies the reservation-less rube when a table becomes available, it tells them when to be at your door, ready to be seated. Parents of small children, people with demanding work schedules, and basically everyone else on planet earth benefits from this simplified system, too.  

Healthy eating/diverse menu options

Hand-in-hand with sustainability and customization trends, healthy eating and diverse menu options are important considerations for younger diners. Whether following a paleo diet or looking to consume more antioxidants, Millennials want their food to work harder and are willing to change their diet to do so. [2] Restaurants can accommodate this by prepping and offering ingredients separately – a salad might be the anchor dish to which protein toppers, avocado, and cheese can be added separately.

Satisfying the Next Generation of Foodie

As customer expectations around food shift, incorporating new ideas into your marketing is an important building block for the restaurant business. Think about how you do business and examine everything from the food you source to the tools that help streamline operations. Make your business accessible and fun for the next generation of foodie.