Women Leading the Shift in Restaurant Industry

Women’s History Month, started as just a week celebration beginning on March 8th “International Women’s Day”, to highlight the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. The Restaurant Industry is a male dominated industry, and perception among general public is that women do not operate or own restaurants. However, in the past few years there has been an increase in the amount of Women Celebrity Chefs and Owners. The National Restaurant Association states that more than half of the restaurants in the US have women as full owners or co-owners, and 45% of restaurant managers which is higher than the 38% of women managers in other industries*. 

We wanted to highlight a few of our local Celebrities for contributing to the shift of perception and assisting in the gender equity of the industry.

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Highlights include:

Tara Lawler manages two major NYC staple Brunch Destinations Bubby’s Tribeca + Bubby’s Highline

Kimmy Tang not only owns, but is the head Chef for Bistro Mon Cheri


Be sure to book your reservation and support these phenomenal women and their local business!


*Schenkel, Katie. “The State of Women in the Restaurant and Food Industry in 2017.”The State of Women in the Restaurant and Food Industry in 2017, Rewardsnetwork, 31 Jan. 2017, www.rewardsnetwork.com/blog/state-women-food-industry-2017/.