Yelp Reservations 4.0.0

A new version of the Yelp Reservations app is now available and it includes several frequently requested features. Here’s the rundown of what you’ll see.

Up first: A new combined reservations and waitlist tab. Many of you have told us how challenging it can be to switch between tabs, especially during busy shifts. That’s why we’ve combined the tabs into one simple view so you can see all your upcoming reservations and waitlist parties in one view.

Combined Waitlist and Reservations List

We aren’t finished with new waitlist features! We’ve added table assignment to the walk-in flow. Now, a table can be assigned to waitlist parties to block any new reservations from being created on that table. The status of the waitlist party is automatically set to “Arrived” which can now be updated as well.

New Walk-In Party
The status of the party and table assignment are new with Yelp Reservations 4.0.0

The cover flow report is now accessible on the iPad app as many users have requested. You will no longer need to find a computer to view cover counts, simply tap the reports tab on the left side of the app and begin planning your shift.

Cover Flow Reporting

You will also notice an update to the support tab in the bottom left corner of the app. Upon tapping it, you will now see release notes outlining the newest features and how they work.

We hope these updates make your life at the restaurant a little bit easier, so please continue to provide your feedback to or 1-844-889-9066.