Yelp Reservations Product Updates on latest iOS app v3.2.3

If you are a Yelp Reservations subscriber, you may have noticed some subtle, aesthetic changes in our recent app update. Our designers listen to your feedback and constantly work hard to update the Yelp Reservations experience so that the information you need is visible, easy to understand, and right at your fingertips.

First off, we’re excited to announce our improved reservations cells which clearly show the size of the party and any special information associated with the reservation. The party size now appears as a large number on the left and two new icons on the right notify users of unread messages and guest notes or special guest tags.

Next up, reservation history is now accessible on the iPad app as many users have requested. You will no longer need to find a a computer to view a chronological list of changes made to any given reservation. Simply tap the reservation in question and the full history becomes available.

The next time you have a question for our support team, you will notice our redesigned support tab in the bottom left corner of the app. Upon tapping it, you will have access to our contact information, a link to our support center, and a quick view of the app version you are currently running.

Finally, our team continues to improve the sync speed and overall stability of the app so things should be running faster and smoother than ever. That’s it for now and we hope these updates make running your restaurant a little bit easier. Keep an eye out for additional updates and new features coming soon! If you have feedback regarding any of our changes, please feel free to email us at or call us at 1-844-889-9066.