Why a Prix Fixe Can Make Your Mother’s Day Brunch More Profitable

According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother’s Day is the most popular day of the year for dining out—38% of consumers dine out, and 7% plan on getting takeout or delivery. Of those dining out, the most popular meal they’re having is dinner. Mother’s Day is also rarely a date night, but a family affair.

These stats show that there is a lot of restaurant business up for grabs on Mother’s Day, and also that restaurateurs will see a higher proportion of those tables filled with bigger parties and usually with kids. Whether or not your restaurant typically features a prix-fixe menu, Mother’s Day presents a good opportunity to try one out.

Consider these three benefits to serving a prix-fixe menu.

You can increase the sale of targeted menu items.

With fewer options for your guests to choose from, you can order your inventory efficiently, and forecast your revenue more accurately. Design your menu with higher profit dishes in mind, as well as some of your best selling items. When you are in control of which items will be chosen, you can also highlight certain strengths of your restaurant that you want to be known.  

You can speed up operations without rushing.

A prix fixe menu helps speed operations up for everyone involved, both front of house and back of house. On this type of high volume holiday, you want to be able to turn as many tables as possible without making your guests feel rushed. A prix fixe menu makes for faster meal selections for you guests, especially those with kids. Once the order is placed, it’s a faster turnaround in the kitchen too. With fewer different options to cook, prep and cooking time is shorter in the kitchen.

You can ensure consistent quality.

With fewer options on the menu, the kitchen can move more efficiently, and offer the dishes consistently. This is especially helpful on busy nights, but more importantly it ensures satisfaction on busy nights that could potentially have a lot of new customers.

The most important detail to remember about offering a prix fixe menu is that each item should always be the same quality as regular restaurant items. People love getting a good deal, but they hate to feel cheated. Over-deliver on the experience and you’ll be turning these new guests into regular customers. Added bonus: you’ll be making a whole lot of moms extra happy, and who doesn’t want to do that?