Don’t Forget the Single Ladies (and Guys) This Valentine’s Day

Why should couples have all the fun? Valentine’s Day is a huge night for restaurants and there are plenty of singles out there staying home that night with their wallets tucked away neatly. Want to tap into some of that action? Plan some Anti-Valentine’s Day fun for your restaurant.

All the single ladies, now put your hands up.

A Galentine’s Day Brunch

Love isn’t reserved for couples. Parks and Rec fans will remember Leslie Knope’s genius February 13th holiday, Galentine’s Day. “It’s about ladies celebrating ladies.” While Valentine’s Day is about romantic dinners for couples, Galentine’s Day is about girlfriends having brunch. While that show may be long over, plenty of ladies still love the idea of celebrating friendship with mimosas and French toast.

Design Singles Drink Specials

You can have a lot of fun coming up with drink specials that will get the singles laughing. A Bitter Bloody Mary? The Drowned Cupid? The possibilities are endless by simply taking one of your signature drinks and putting a snarky and funny twist on it. You may even think about having a singles event in your bar to see if cupid can work some magic.

Social Media Contest

Plenty of singles out there refer to February 14th as S.A.D. Singles Awareness Day. Why not turn a sad day into a funny one by running a social media contest? Ask people to share their worst break-up story, favorite break-up song, or photo of their ex-boyfriend bonfire. The prize could be a gift certificate for the winner, a free cocktail, or a gift package. Think about joining forces with other neighborhood businesses for a bigger prize and a bigger audience.

Offer Group Special

Encourage groups of friends to come out together with a special geared for them. Maybe tables of 6 or more get a free bottle of wine, or you design a menu geared toward sharing with friends, such as fondue or hot pot. Just keep in mind that you might not want a table of rowdy friends messing up the romantic vibe for the couples. Plan the dining room out so that each table has the vibe you want them to have.

Whatever it is that you’re planning, be sure to get the word out. Keep it fun and lighthearted and have a good time with whatever you’re planning. Remember, those single guests just might be coming back next year for a fancy, romantic dinner.