Yelp Reservations Year in Review, Diner Trends, and More!

You and Yelp Reservations had a top-notch year… And we’re looking forward to an even bigger 2017! As your trusted partner, we’ve taken a look back at 2016’s reservation numbers. We spotted some interesting trends that we think will get you prepped and ready for the New Year — take a look!

Yelp Reservations Most Popular Days

This should come as no surprise, as these are nights when people decide it’s time to get out of the house and hit the town. So how many people can you expect per reservation?

Yelp Reservations Average Party Size

With most reservations being made two days in advance and an average no-show rate of only…

Yelp Reservations No-Show Rate

And the number is on a steady decline!

To help you plan for your busiest and slowest times, we took a look at the most popular and least popular nights and months in 2016. These insights can help you plan ahead and prepare. The night where you can expect to see the highest number of reservations? You guessed it…the same night cupid shoots his many arrows and your two-tops linger for hours.

Yelp Reservations Busiest Night 2016

But the slowest night? That’s the night where all the ghouls and gals go out to bars and skip the table-service. Take note—this is not the night to overstaff unless you’re a bar that’s popular with the Halloween crowd.

Yelp Reservations Slowest Night

So how about months? When is the right time to be fully prepared with additional staff to ensure your guests have a great experience?

Yelp Reservations Busiest Month July

Summer months are some of the busiest for many restaurants as this is when people are traveling and want to dine out. Welcoming and inviting tourists into your restaurant will ensure you have a profitable season!

When can you expect to experience some downtime?

This is the calm before the holiday storm, a great time to take a short break and prepare for December, another month where restaurants see a lift due to holiday parties and celebrations.

Overall, 2016 has been a great year for restaurants and Yelp Reservations and we’re looking forward to another bigger and better year in 2017!

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