Bracero Cocina de Raiz Switched to Yelp Reservations from OpenTable


The Restaurant

Bracero Cocina de Raiz is a Mexican restaurant located in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego. Chef Javier Plascencia, also known as the savior of Baja cuisine, opened Bracero in 2015 and has experienced nothing but success ever since. Known for it’s modern Mexican menu and tequila-centric drinks, Bracero has become one of the best new restaurants in the country. Even James Beard agrees.

Soon after opening, Chef Javier hired Woody Van Horn — previously of Bankers Hill — as general manager. With tons of experience in the industry, Woody knew how to run a restaurant and was familiar with the wide array of technologies out there. Bracero was using OpenTable for their online restaurant reservation system — and spending a lot of money on it. Having successfully worked with Yelp Reservations in the past, Woody knew it was time for Bracero to try something new. Bracero switched from OpenTable to Yelp Reservations for their online reservation and front of house management system and never looked back! Here is their story.

YR: Tell us about your first experience using Yelp Reservations.

Woody: When I first came on at Bankers & Hill, they were using pen and paper and I had worked exclusively with OpenTable at every other restaurant I’ve ever worked at. Pen and paper was so archaic to me. I moved the restaurant online and started using Yelp Reservations.

YR: Why did you choose Yelp Reservations over OpenTable?

Woody: If I had moved them onto OpenTable they would have started spending $1,500/month. Setting up Yelp Reservations went really well. Yelp Reservations is really good at being proactive and helpful.

YR: How has your experience been with Yelp Reservations compared to OpenTable?

Woody: When I ask for things to get fixed,Yelp Reservations fixes them. With OpenTable, if I have an issue, well, good luck.

YR: What’s the biggest difference you’ve seen between OpenTable and Yelp Reservations?

Woody: Yelp Reservations is able to take on OpenTable because they took a challenge that restaurants have and they are able to solve the problem for them. The challenge is that OpenTable is too expensive, and SeatMe decided to partner with restaurants and drive them traffic from Yelp without overcharging them. That’s what makes companies successful. OpenTable is not staying with the times and they aren’t staying relevant. Since minimum wage is going up, you need to save money elsewhere with things like Yelp Reservations.


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