Success for All Seasons: Your Summer Drink Menu

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot, summer day that a perfectly chilled glass of white wine or an expertly blended cocktail. For this reason, and for so many more, now is the perfect time to give your wine and cocktail lists a summer twist.

Create a Seasonal Summer Cocktail or Pitcher Drink

Why mix up every cocktail by hand when you can mix up a batch and simply serve as needed? Besides cutting down on time spent slinging drinks behind the bar, pitcher drinks are a fantastic way to create “small batch” cocktails with fresh, seasonal ingredients that people are dying to drink.  

Rose—and Bubbly—All Day

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you should phase out all of your full-bodied wines but you’ll want to highlight some refreshing summer favorites like rose and crisp whites. We recommend starting by asking your existing wine vendors if they suggest any seasonal whites that folks are going crazy for.

Add Cocktail and Wine Pairing Suggestions

Can you think of a better way to highlight your new seasonal menu offerings and your new summer cocktails and wines? We can’t. Work with your in-house bar director or mixologist, alog with your chef, to pair your new menu items. This can create a unique experience and if they like what they taste, they’ll definitely be coming back for more!

Host a Welcome Party with Wine or Spirit Makers

Host a party with wine and spirit makers to showcase some of your new offerings. Invite regulars, their friends and industry folks to come and enjoy an evening of cocktails and food on the house. Invite the press for additional coverage and to debut your summer menu. This is a great way to work with new brands and throw a party for your regulars.

Get That Retail License

Let’s face it, the summer provides plenty of opportunities to grab and go with a bottle of wine. Whether your patrons are off to a picnic or friendly barbecue, they would love to tote a bottle of one of your new vintages to take along for the ride. Consult with your local ABC (Alcohol Control Board) for more information on what it takes to snag a license to sell your wines at retail.

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