Catch More Guests for Your Restaurant with Pokémon Go!

Remember the other day when you said, “Hey, it would be great if there was this free mobile game where I could catch imaginary cartoon bugs and animals using GPS. Only in order to catch them all, I’m actually encouraged to walk around my local community where I’ll shop and dine more at restaurants!”

You’re so smart (and we’re glad Nintendo listened to you).

Welcome to the world of Pokémon Go, the biggest mobile game in history which has already surpassed Tinder in daily active users and is on the heels of SnapChat and Google Maps as well.

What does this mean for you? The savvy business owner has taken notice and some restaurants have welcomed this phenomenon with open arms. One local pizza restaurant has reported a 75% increase in sales since Pokémon Go launched (they should definitely Tweet the developer some thankful hashtags for that one).

With this in mind, Yelp launched a new filter to help users locate Pokéstops near all their favorite local restaurants. Thanks to this, we’ve been pretty good at catching Pokémon but our specialty has always been capturing diners for your restaurant.

Here are some quick-tips to help you “Catch ‘Em All.”

First, the PokéBasics:

  • Download “Pokémon Go” to your smartphone (available free for both Android and iPhone).
  • Search for check-in points aka “PokéStops” near your business (they’re the purple/blue CBS logo-looking things).
  • Finally, use ‘Modules’ on PokéStops to lure rare Pokémon to your business!

“What’s a Module?” and “Are you speaking another language?” Yes.

  • Modules are in-game items which can be purchased and placed at PokéStops to lure rare Pokémon (customers).
  • Modules last for 30 minutes and users identify them on the map by searching for the pink flower petals.
  • Modules cost roughly $0.69-$0.99 each (depending on your bulk Costco-buying skills).

“How can this increase diners? Can you please use more bullet points?” Yes and YES.

  • Place Modules on nearby PokéStops or offer creative incentives to customers for placing them for you.
  • Place Modules during times of day when you typically have slower traffic.
  • Promote pictures and hashtags on social media showing rare Pokémon that you or your diners have caught nearby!

Still not sure about all of this? Check out this article by Upserve for more tips on using Pokémon Go to bring more business to your restaurant.

This PokéCraze may not last forever but you can certainly get creative by capturing new guests who will return for years to come.

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